Pakistan may pull out of T20 World Cup

The much anticipated India-Pakistan match in T20 World Cup next year is in danger of being a non-starter.

With a growing anti-Pakistan wave in Bangladesh, Pakistan is mulling the option of withdrawing from the upcoming T20 World Cup and Asia Cup tournaments scheduled to be held in Bangladesh next year.

According PTI sources, Pakistan Cricket Board has concerns about the situation in Bangladesh and hasn?t ruled out the possibility of a pull out.

?We are monitoring the situation but we are waiting to see what the International Cricket Council decides in January whether to hold the World T20 in Bangladesh in March-April or shift it somewhere else,? the source was quoted as saying by PTI.

?If the ICC shifts the World T20 from Bangladesh then the Asia Cup (in Feb-March) will also be called off in Bangladesh and postponed for the next few months until a feasible window and host is found for the tournament,? he said.

Since both the tournaments are multi-national events, PCB is still looking at how things pan out in the next couple of months with ICC and other Asian Cricket Council members before taking a call on the matter.

However, according to the source, PCB isn?t ruling out individually pulling out of the tournaments if things don?t pan out favourably.

?That is an option always open to us because if we feel it is not secure for our team in Bangladesh or if we get advice from the government then we will have to act accordingly,? said the source.

Ever since the Pakistan parliament passed a resolution against the execution of a Jamaat-e-Islaami leader in Bangladesh, who opposed the creation of the nation in 1971 and was treated as a war criminal, the mood has grown worse in Bangladesh, with growing protesters demanding the government to severe all ties with Pakistan.

PCB and Bangladesh Cricket Board haven?t had the best of relationship over the past few years with Bangladesh cancelling two tours to Pakistan after having made commitments for the same.

?Yes, there is a anti-Bangladesh lobby in the PCB and if the situation does not improve, there could be a pullout,? a source inside the board told PTI.