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  1. RONI
    Ideas oke usharayi ethilo..

    Jeevan paranjathu pole , youth buk sharing section alrdy undu - Editors Choice.. Avide oru thread usharayi ittal mathiyakum , Like about the books they read nd all.. Ethra book Lovers undenu adyam note cheyanam.. Also , if u get a handful of book lovers , namak apo thane oru adipoli section for books thudangalo.. Buk discussion nd evrything... So epola thread idune , for the book lovers..

    Point 3il paranjathil , Can we use the iT Student Resource center for that purpose ? As the name suggests , studentsinte complete karyangalkum analo..Opinion parayu.!

    About Religion, iT havn't experienced any sort of such threads.. So athpolathe threads idukayanengi most frndly nd variety ayit venam cheyam.. aa karyathil enthelum ideas undo ??

  2. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Yes..I agree with Roni

    Student Resource use cheyam..pakshe ithu chilapo koooduthal oke mature aya discussion ayirikum..it may not really fit with students category..Like Philosophical discussions, discussions regarding youth

    Maybe a sub section under Student resources Youth ennu vechu

    Yes...friendly discussions pole cheyam..we don't want wild debates (Well, debates are good, pakshe kaivittu pokathe sookshikanam). We will share our own experiences and lessons with our religion (and teach ourselves our religions). Share and learn with a neutral perspective - no one is right and yet everyone is
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