Hello Guys!

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  1. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Nammal oke kure naal ayelo ee Group thudangiyittu Ithu vare onnum cheyan kazhinjittila. Pakshe ini egane padila. As member of the youth wing, we request you guys to suggest ideas/suggestions about anything here in iT. What can we do as the Youth of iT?

    What ideas do you guys have?

    For example, here are a few ideas:

    New Youth Section/Sub-section
    -- Focus on lives of Youth, facing challenges/problems, solutions to depressions etc...agane agane

    Ithu oru idea matram Athu pole etra venelum akamelo Ningalku ulla ideas oke parayu Nammuku athu nadapil akam
  2. נiℓℓεɓiε
    Njanum idakku ithu thaneya vicharikaaru. Ee groups okke thudangiyattu aarum onum cheyunilla

    Enthu ideas annu vende .. ente thalayil onum varunilla njan aalochichattu parayam
  3. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    ...Nammuku group oke onnu ushar aki edukam

    Enthu ideas venelum paranjo..Nammuku nadapil akan nokam


    Inactive aya sectionil nadathan pattiya events oke sangadipikanam..athu SAMsine kond thanne nadathikukayum venam. Ippo Mods and upinu matrame events nadathavu ennu onnum illelo. Arku venelum nadatham. Full support undakum Ideas undekil parayuka, suggestions oke ittu...sheri peduthi edukamelo

  4. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Christmas tym ayathukond Christmas related programs pattum Ideas
  5. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Ivide Kastapetu reply idunne oruthanum mind cheyulle :nabs:
  6. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
  7. Zadira
    Thanne eerinu batman talk cheyuva?..

    I got some ideas.. but how to put them into words? that is the question..:girlhmm:
  8. RONI
    Ideas.. whatever it is , pattunath pole ellarodum parayu.. share dem.. apo avarude ideas kelkam athine patti....
    Apo dairyamayi parayuu aa kayilula ideas.. lets implement it
  9. Zadira

    1. Start a youth book sharing section (I have no idea if this is here already)- Where youth can talk about latest books they read, and recommend them to other members.

    2. Start a youth debate section- (this forum actually can be for everyone) here we can have debates on some controversial topics and others.

    3. As batman pointed out. We can also start a section where youth can talk about depression, school,life in general and reach out to others, ask advice on whatever stress they are going through and give support to each other.

    4. Arrange some monthly competition which will get more youth plus everyone in iT very active. I have a really fun competiton ideas.. I do not want to reveal them all just yet..

    5. Last but not least. I was also thinking about a place where we can go to talk about our religon a sort of "Hindu/Muslim/Christan/Buddhist...etc etc" (this is just a idea.. I have not thought about it that much)
  10. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    These are great ideas Zadira Only problem is that we don't have that many active youths right now. But, I guess we could give it a try

    1. Idea kollam...but we already have editors choice section (books section..it would be great if we use that section itself for this, maybe we could create a subsection under that instead of creating a new one).

    2. Youth debate section We already have debate program in iT called Nammal Thammil (although that is a current issues debate forum and is open to everyone). But, what you said can be started if we have enough active youths.

    3. Aa idea kollam Life help help pole..for students Nokam

    4. Monthly competitions already undelo (Ippo illa...we are still launching them one by one)

    5. Athum kollam..promote secularism.

    Thanks for the ideas, Zadira Nammuku nokam
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