HOW TO - Posting a Police Activity Report

  1. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    As an iT Police member, you are required to post a police activity report every month (End of the month) in your discussion thread.

    In this thread, we will show you how to write one.

    In your police activity report, you are supposed to include the following things:

    [Goal 1] List of Members you contacted (with profile url) -
    [Goal 2] List of iT Programs you posted (with thread url).
    [Goal 3] Describe your efforts (for instance, each month you will be given a section to work with, describe what efforts did you take. Let's say, I got assigned movie section and I created databases for collecting and organizing movies, I would write in my report

    "In the previous month, I spend lot of time organizing movies into a database"

    - Simple and yet enough to describe your "effort"

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