iT Police Member - Ashoka Chakravarthy

  1. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Hey Best Actor,

    First off, congrats on being selected as an iT Police Member. This discussion thread is created for discussing your daily goals, reports and other stuff

    You should post all your comments and reports in this thread (Plus, check back on this thread regularly since we will be updating it with your goals).

  2. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Best Actor:

    Here are your goals for the first month,

    Goal 1 - Meet 2 New Members, Greet Them, Make friends with them (don't just post URLs, instead be friends! Ask them what they do and develop the conversation!)

    Goal 2 - You won't be required to do anything for Goal 2 for this month

    Goal 3 - Your assigned work section is the softwares section (Under Techie Corner).

    Your Goal: Post Thread and Make the Section Active (Think Creatively!)
  3. RascaL
    Thanks Batman
    I will do my Goal 1
    Goal 3 i am not sure....Can you give me any other sections.....Silver Screen...Mp3 Section or any other section
  4. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Nope You have to do the goal that is assigned to you..athu alle kazhivu You don't need to upload any files or find any plenty of working links online..Ini ippo athu with open source softwares..avide oru preshanvum illa..all legal look for windows open source softwares, try them and review them
  5. RascaL
    I will try my level best
  6. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS

    Goal 1: Meet & Greet 4 Rising Members/Active ayi varunna Registered Members

    Goal 2: None

    Goal 3: First Cut First Show - Post Threads/replies - Make the section active! Suggest ideas for improvement.
  7. RascaL
    njan raaji vachu
  8. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    athu entha
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