iT Police 4 Month Goals [Nov-Feb]

  1. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    ]iT Police Working Sections:

    1st Priority

    PC Games
    Moto Zone
    iT Fans Club
    Men's Club

    2nd Priority

    Health is Wealth
    iT Students Resources
    Movies - Clear all Dead Threads! Complete/Finish Movie Databases (Lalettan Movies and Mammotty Movies)

    1st Month of iT Police

    Softwares Section - Post New Threads
    New Movies - Clear Dead Threads
    Suggestions/Support section - Replace threads

    2nd Month of iT Police

    PC Games - Post New Threads
    Student Resources - Make it active
    New Movies - Update Movie Database by Luttapi

    3rd Month of iT Police

    Moto Zone - Make it active
    Prepare Databases - Mohanlal and Mammokka Movies

    4th Month of iT Police

    iT Fans Club - Make it active
    Men's Club - Make it active
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