iT Police Duties & Goals

  1. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    As a member of iT Police Usergroup, you are responsible to meet your duties and goals. This discussion thread will provide you with important information regarding your duties and goals.


    Help new members (iT Police members will be like the support team of iT!) find movies, threads and encourage them to be active. Inform other members of rules of iT. Enforce the rules of iT - Limits on Multiple Name changes, No Links in SB, No thread approval requests in SB.

    Police members are supposed to have good relations with the Mods and Up (so that they can help members to get their threads approved).


    Goal 1: Each iT Police member is required to meet and greet at least 2 new members (who aren't CM and Up).

    Find members who leave active replies (and show some participation), activity level, reply ellam noki, choose the best people to interact with. Encourage them to be active @ iT!
  2. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Goal 2: Each iT Police Member is required to post at least 1 iT Community Programs (Ranging from iT Talents to iT Nammal Thammil) per month!

    Goal 3: Goal 3 is the most important goal of all. Every 3 months, we will assign a section to each iT Police member. As a iT police member, you are supposed to post threads, awesome replies and report dead threads. As an iT Police members, your threads will be automatically approved in all sections.

    Goal 3 will be changing every 3 months - and each police member will have a "different" Goal 3.

    Every month, we will be reviewing your activity to see if you have met your goals, if you haven't you will need to.

    Goal Reporting:

    You are responsible to report your activities after each month (We will be posting a specific discussion thread for each iT Police member, you should report your activities to your thread).
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