Programs Schedule [Effective From Jan 2013]

  1. Christy IPS
    Christy IPS
    Regular Programs Fixed Schedule

    1st week of Every Month

    iT Nammal Thammil and iT Police Month Start [Optional: iT Event]

    2nd week of Every Month

    Ividem iTyaanu Episode (1st or 2nd week)
    Padam Pidikal (1st/2nd Week of Every Month to Month End)

    2nd/3rd week of Every Month

    iTyude TalentuKal (Mid-Month - 14th or 15th to 1st week of Next Month 1st Week)

    4th and 5th Weeks of Every Month

    iT Police Monthly Reports (3rd, 4th or 5th week)
    Ividem iTyaanu Episode

    So, for January, we will have:

    Jan 1st week - Special Event - iT Awards 2012
    Jan 1st week - Padam Pidikal Launch (1st week to Jan 31)
    Jan 1st week - iT Nammal Thammil
    Jan 1st week - iT Police Month Start
    Jan 3rd week - iTyude TalentuKal (Mid-Month - 14th or 15th till Feb 3rd)
  2. pattabhiraman
    Ivide anakkam onnumille? entha actually sambhavam?
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