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  • FB Marketing

    Well this group is related to facebook marketing and advertising.

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    Marketing Tips
  • Punters

    Everyone is looking to boost their facebook fans and following. we can help you to boost your follower count! <a href="">get facebook followers</a>

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  • ▄▀▄▀▄ Mammootty Fans? Group ▄▀▄▀▄

    Warm Welcome to iT Mammotty Fans Social Group. Join & be a part an admiring group.
    Mammootty, one of the most talented actor that India have ever seen. He is continuing his successive run with hits, super hits and mega hits.

    [*]In here, you will find latest information and everything to do about Mammootty's career.
    [*]Feel free to share comments, pics or vids you may have.
    [*]Also Be Sure to Chq Out Mammoty Fans Club Section In the community Page.

    Please Join the group and Have Fun!

    Category: Fans Club
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  • Malayalam Movies

    Malayalam Movies

    Category: iT Groups
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  • Yesudas

    Our Gaana Gandharvan.

    Category: Fans Club
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  • ▌A.R Rahman The Musical Mastero...▌

    ▌'AR Rahman Fan Club'▌

    A.R.Rahman needs no introduction. Ever since he arrived with Roja he has revolutionised music.

    His music transcends all barriers - linguistic, geographical & chronological. He is a phenomenal success. He is incredibly talented. He is Allahrakha Rahman, popularly known to music lovers world over as A R Rahman."

    "Rahman doesn't even write what's thought of as world music. He writes a world of music ? so broad & deep, so instantly likable & lastingly satisfying, it is the whole world."
    - Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine.

    Category: Fans Club
    Last Activity: 04-06-2021 11:58 AM

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  • $..PRAVASI...$

    PRAVASAM...Verukal aazhnirangiya manil ninum, verukal ellatha mannileyku pizhuthumaatapetta veratta oru maram...!!!

    Ee Bhoomiyil.....
    Oru Puzhapoley......
    Chilapol Vattivarandum.....Chilapol Niranjukavinjum.....Mattuchilapol kaalathintey kaikalil ulanjaadiyum....
    Anganey ozhukinilkuna Jeevitham...

    Jeevithamenna ee yaatharayil swapnangaludey koodaaravumayi, mohangaludey thoniyil oru pidi swapnangal nenjil adaki pidichu ee vidhoora naatil dhooramo, kaalamo pravachikathey.... Munvidhikalilatha oru Yaathrakaaran....

    Athaanu Njaan .... Oru Pravasi....

    Pookaleyum,Puzhakaleyum, Mazhayeyum, Marangaleyum, swantham Naadineyum orupaadishtapeduna oru saadharanakaaran.....

    Jeevithathintey randattavaum kootimuttikan kadal kadannu vannu jeevithamillathey jeevikunavan....

    Kaalathintey arangil varshangalku eniyum yavanika veezhum...Theeram thediyulla yaathrakalil, Pinnitta vazhikalil, kandumutiya oru paadumughangal...

    Ekaalavum orthirikan chila suhrudhbhandhangal, Alavatta aahladhathintey marakaanavatha dhinangal....

    Ninachirikathey neridendivana dhurithangal, Orkathey kaivana sawbhagyangal, Viral thumbil vachu veenudanja swapnangal....

    Erul adanja vazhikalil ennum prathyaashayudey thiri naalamayi Dhaiva saanidhyam...

    Kaalam pinneyum munnotu.... Piranna naadinteyum pichavacha maninteyum ormakal thalolichu kondu njaan eniyum munbottu.....

    Ee yaathrayil veenu kitiya chila sundara nimishangal....Ormikan chila mohana swapnangal....Athellam vaakukalaki hrudhayathintey baashayil nammukividey sookshikam....parasparam panguvaikam.....

    Hrudhayapoorvam Ellavareyum Kshanikunnu....Kazhinju pokuna oro nimishangalum sundara swapnangalaakam....!!!!

    Category: iT Groups
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  • ♥? ?яιєη∂ѕ ?♥ Friends are Forever !!

    ιтѕ ?σя уσυ , ∂єαя ?яιєη∂ѕ !!!

    Category: iT Groups
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    Happy Friendship Day !!
  • ??o.O Lal Fans Online O.o??

    Welcome to Mohan Lal fan club. This is the place where we all fans can stay updated and discuss issues.

    For Amitabh Bachan, he is the finest actor in the country. For RGV, he is the robert de niro of indian screen. For Time magazine, he is india's answer to marlon brando. For Kamal Haasan, he is the most flexible actor in india. for Shaji n karun, he is the most immensely talented actor. For Priyadarshan, he is the best actor india has ever produced. Manirathnam and Dr.Rajkumar are two frontline fans of this great actor. According to cnn-ibn, he is the Most Popular Keralite of the Century. For all of us, he is our "lalettan".

    Introducing... the best kept secret of kerala.. Padma Shri Bharath MOHANLAL.
    National Film Awards

    * 1989 Special Jury Award - Kireedam
    * 1991 Best Actor - Bharatham
    * 1999 Best Actor - Vanaprastham
    * 1999 Best Film ( Producer ) - Vaanaprastham

    Kerala State Film Awards

    * 1986 Best Actor - T .P. Balagopalan M.A.
    * 1988 Actor (Special Award) - Padha Mudhra, Chitram, Utsavappittennu, Aryan and Vellanakalude Nadu
    * 1991 Best Actor - Ulladakkam, Kilukkam, Abhimanyu
    * 1991 Best Second Film - Bharatham (Producer)
    * 1995 Best Actor - Kalapani, Spadikam
    * 1995 Best Second Film - Kalapani (Producer)
    * 1999 Best Actor - Vaanaprastham
    * 2005 Best Actor - Thanmatra
    * 2007 Best Actor - Paradesi

    International Indian Film Academy Awards

    * 2002 Best supporting Actor - Company

    Filmfare Awards

    * 1986 Sanmanassullavarku samadhanam
    * 1988 Padamudra
    * 1993 Devasuram
    * 1994 Pavitram
    * 1995 Sphadikam
    * 1997 Iruvar
    * 1999 Vaanaprastham
    * 2005 Thanmathra
    * 2007 Paradesi

    Category: Fans Club
    Last Activity: 05-25-2019 02:22 AM

    135 member(s)
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    ??o.O Lal Fans Online O.o??
  • iT Community Team

    This group is for discussions regarding iT Community and its programs.

    Category: iT Groups
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  • iT Photography Club

    Hangout Place for iT Photographers

    Category: iT Groups
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  • FB Marketing

    Well this group is related to facebook marketing and advertising.

    Category: Fans Club
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    Marketing Tips