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  1. LuTTapI
    Mammootty In 'Daddy Cool'
    Mammootty is playing as a cool daddy in the new film directed by
    debutante Aashiq Abu titled as 'Daddy Cool'. The movie tells the story
    of father and his son, who loves the game of cricket more than
    anything. Mammootty playing profession an officer in the crime branch
    named, Antony Simon.

    The movie which will start canning by the end of this December.
  2. LuTTapI
    Parunthu Sets an Indian record
    "First Show at Thaanoor P V S theaters on the very first minute (12.01) am is a record by itself"
    Padam Engane anelum..recordukal undalo
  3. KoTTayaM KunJachaN
    aaah super super...recordukal ellaam pottichu..ini aarkkum pottikkaaanum pattillaaa...kollaaam makkale adipoliiiiiiii......
  4. KoTTayaM KunJachaN
    ayyo arinjille, parunthu recordukal pottikkunnu vellinekshatram review

  5. LuTTapI
    hehe thx kunjachaa..mammotyude ethu padam vanalum flop anenu paranju nadakan analo lal pansinu pani..njanum parunthu velya mosham allana kette..
    and after all we all know mohanlal is desperate for some good roles and some success Madambi will be like a sprinkling rain for his desperation..
  6. agniindian
    njan ivdeyum undu
  7. KoTTayaM KunJachaN
    mone laale, nee tholkkaruthu, neeyokke tholkkaathe ninnaale njangalude ikkakku malsarikkaaan aaalundaaavooo
  8. LuTTapI
  9. KoTTayaM KunJachaN
    ente amme ee kochu kilunthukalaano ikkayude koode abhinayikkunne kollaaam adutha hit padam aarikkum
  10. LuTTapI
    hehe athlalle ikkayude glamour.. lal inte stylum figurum ellam poi..lal ippo oru young actrosinte koode abhinayikumbol entha vrithikedu..athu ikkaye kandu padikanam
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